• Leslee Vogal-Fredrickson

    "I am in love with your book!! Thank you so much for sharing it with me.  I can't wait to read more and to give it to my clients...You are a healing force in this world."

    - Leslee Vogal-Fredrickson

    Director and Counselor
    The Institute for Wholeness
    Sedona, AZ

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    "I loved it!!! I loved that it was deeply personal and I got a sense of the authors deepest and truest feelings. What I love even more is even though I myself haven’t gone through weight loss there are numerous parallels that can be interpreted to fit into my own story. Words of encouragement and triumph that I can lean on as I try to “adult” ( bc adulting is hard work and I hate it!!) The pictures really give others an in-depth look into her life and validate her struggles. I cried ( a lot) partly bc I don’t like seeing or knowing others are hurting but bc there’s been way to many times I have had those same feelings or experiences. This book Isn’t just about weight loss or for people on their own weight loss journey,although this is absolutely still a book for them, it’s a book for anyone going through any issue affecting them."

    - Jessica Warren

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    "Have you ever had rough spots in your life? Felt like you weren't good enough? You Have Such a Pretty Face is an amazing inspirational read for all of us less than perfect people. Kelley Gunter has overcome amazing hurdles and this book chronicles her journey. I cried through the first couple chapters, although I haven't experienced the same tribulations she has, I reflected on my own journey. Her wicked sense of humor balances out the hard times. I laughed as much as I cried. This book is a must read. Although geared toward people dealing with weight loss and the decision on how to move forward with treatment, it transcends to all of us. I'm determined to follow her outlook and be more positive in my life, to be more sensitive to others. If Kelley can overcome, we all can, and she wants to help us do it! Do yourself a favor, pick up this book. And then buy one for a friend."

    - Casey Wente

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    "I found the book, You Have Such A Pretty Face, to be absolutely outstanding. Whether you have a weight loss problem or not, the book has something for everybody. It touched on the full range of human emotions. The value of never giving up, how to deal with adversity, to treat people with respect, and come out on top in the end. Kelly Gunter had several horrific experiences in life but continued to stay positive and move forward. She is certainly an inspiration to all of us."

    - Mark K Zelezny

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    "How do you "walk a mile in someone's shoes"? Read her memoir! Our outside packages come in all shapes, colors, and sizes, but it's our gifts on the inside that makes us uniquely special. Kelley is the total package. Her intelligent wit, desire to love unconditionally, and amazing perseverance in spite of the pain, is brought to life in her debut memoir for anyone that is looking for hope. I can testify that Kelley is not just another pretty face."

    - Amy E. Kelley

About Me

Following a lengthy career in social services, Kelley began writing full time. Her first book, You Have Such a Pretty Face, is a memoir detailing the emotional journey of being obese and the surprising changes brought on by her 243-pound weight loss following bariatric surgery, as well as the emotional factors that contributed to her initial weight gain. Kelley is currently in the process of writing a second memoir, The Homecoming Queen of Crazy Town.

When she is not writing, she enjoys cooking, baking, and reading. She also loves spending time with her son, her best friend, and her three Rottweilers.

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