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From Tears to Triumph:

A Healing Retreat at The Abbey


There is pain and there is peace–healing is the bridge that connects one to the other.


The Tears to Triumph trauma retreat is a three-day clinical and faith-based program located in Springfield, Ohio. Over the course of three days, you’ll be guided through a series of eight workshops and three group events by Kelley Gunter – licensed social worker, life coach, speaker, and author. As a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, Kelley has experienced the hopelessness and self-destruction that can result from not healing sexual trauma. After embracing a powerful healing journey and maintaining her own sobriety for over six years, Kelley has started helping others navigate their way out of the same darkness that once threatened to strangle the hope out of her life.

Whether you’re healing from childhood trauma, trauma experienced as an adult, or simply ready to dive into other wounds and create your best life, the Tears to Triumph trauma retreat features multifaceted workshops designed to help you not only heal, but leave with insight and tools to use going forward. In these eight workshops, you’ll be able to address issues related to unresolved trauma such as long-term baggage and why it weighs you down, low self-esteem and how to improve it, faulty foundations and how to rebuild them, replacing survival skills with healthy coping skills, unresolved grief and why embracing the grieving/mourning processes (Yes! They’re different) are so important, and methods of breaking free from the painful past and why you cannot just, “let it go.”

What I Do


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I am an inspirational speaker who has spoken to large and small audiences, of all age groups (as young as 7 years old), in person and virtually.

Speaking topics include:

  • Weight Loss
  • Trauma
  • Sexual Abuse
  • Addictions
  • Post Traumatic Stress
  • Faith
  • Motivation
  • and more….

Speaking Endorsements

“I first had Kelley Gunter speak at a local conference back in 2018 and I was so pleased with Kelly’s content and delivery, let alone the positive response of those attending, that I had her return and speak again in 2021.  I also have Kelley scheduled for a national event in August 2021.

Kelley’s connection with people as she speaks is nothing short of amazing. She has the listeners hanging on every word as she shares her stories, her knowledge and her passion. I highly recommend her!”    – Alan Cain, Pastor, Lawrenceville Church of God

“I interviewed Kelley about her remarkable story of trauma, addiction, recovery, and healing while writing a feature story on her for Recovery Today Magazine. After that I also did a virtual event with her for the readers of our magazine to watch. Kelley’s voice of truth spreads resounding hope that destroys the darkness that so many feel trapped in as a result of experiencing their own pain and trauma. Hearing her speak is life-changing–even for those who think her message has no relevance to their life. She speaks on surviving sexual abuse, PTSD, addiction, living in a morbidly obese body, losing 243 pounds, suicide, and the faith that saved her life. Kelley reinforces her message with intelligence and clinical knowledge that makes her compelling to hear. She has a powerful voice and the world needs to hear it. You will forever be changed.”    –  Rob Hannley, Editor in Chief, Recovery Today Magazine

“Kelley Gunter’s voice emerges from the greatest depths of darkness. One would not easily understand how anyone could ever return from the nightmare that was her life. She was stripped of her dignity, honor, and sanity by repeated sexual assaults perpetrated by family members.  In a nearly unimaginable twist, her spark of life was reignited through her connection to GOD. Her strength and the ability to find a path back to a life filled with self confidence, health, joy, and purpose had been forged by living through the most painful of life struggles. She had been tortured over years by emotional and sexual abuse. Today, GOD has created a great warrior angel. Kelley speaks with clarity, love, peace, and a leadership that inspires and compels people to also rise from their ashes. She will leave you spellbound by her stories, recovery, and wisdom. Your life will be forever changed by her presence and voice. Let her speak!”    – Dr. Nelson Bulmash

“Kelley Gunter is one of my favorite people. We met when she appeared as a guest on my radio show, The Dr. Nina Show on LA Talk Radio, and we instantly clicked. Since then, I’ve had the pleasure of hearing her speak on numerous virtual platforms, as well as in person. Kelley’s life story of trauma, abuse, addiction, healing, and recovery, coupled with her clinical knowledge, make her the complete package as a speaker. She is an excellent, gifted speaker, grabbing the attention of every person present for a different reason. She has a knack for connecting with audience members and I always have the sense she truly “gets” them, that she resonates with their experience, and she provides both information and hope. Attendees leave Kelley’s events feeling inspired, hopeful and transformed.”    – Dr. Nina Savelle-Rocklin, Dr. Nina Show, LA Talk Radio


“Kelley Gunter is truly an amazing and dynamic speaker. She is able to convey and present truth, emotion, power and how faith is such a crucial part of who she is. Kelley has appeared on Christian Mix 106 with a message called Hold On, Pain Ends and those words, through her audio delivery, absolutely hit home as she delivered a message of hope and comfort to the person out there who so needed it.”    – Brian Tucker, Director, Christian Mix 106

Featured Media

Recovery Today Magazine


I’m incredibly honored that my story was featured in Recovery Today Magazine. The fact I am here to share the events of my life is, in itself, a miracle. What I know to be true today is that beyond the shadow of a doubt, my survival was intentional. There are 82 million adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse in the United States alone, and I am one of them. Statistics from the National Association of Adult Survivors of Child Abuse state that 90% of victims of childhood sexual abuse have never disclosed that abuse to anyone. The shame that surrounds sexual abuse strangles the voice out of survivors, leaving them suffering in silence. That trauma, left unhealed, contributes to a lifetime of self-destruction, addiction and sometimes even death. I am telling my truth, my story of survival, my healing journey, to provide the light of hope for others who currently feel trapped in that darkness.

Read about my story in Recovery Daily Magazine. Click here to download the digital magazine for FREE.

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Sharing my story was a difficult decision and a very emotional journey for me. I would love to hear your thoughts and feelings and appreciate your responses and suggestions. Please feel free to reach out. In the interim, may your journey be a blessed one.