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From Tears to Triumph: A Healing Retreat at The Abbey

The Tears to Triumph trauma retreat is a three-day clinical and faith-based program located in Springfield, Ohio. Over the course of three days, you’ll be guided through a series of eight workshops and three group events by Kelley Gunter – licensed social worker, life coach, speaker, and author. As a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, Kelley has experienced the hopelessness and self-destruction that can result from not healing sexual trauma. After embracing a powerful healing journey and maintaining her own sobriety for over six years, Kelley has started helping others navigate their way out of the same darkness that once threatened to strangle the hope out of her life.

About the Retreat

Whether you’re healing from childhood trauma, trauma experienced as an adult, or simply ready to dive into other wounds and create your best life, the Tears to Triumph trauma retreat features multifaceted workshops designed to help you not only heal, but leave with insight and tools to use going forward. In these eight workshops, you’ll be able to address issues related to unresolved trauma such as long-term baggage and why it weighs you down, low self-esteem and how to improve it, faulty foundations and how to rebuild them, replacing survival skills with healthy coping skills, unresolved grief and why embracing the grieving/mourning processes (Yes! They’re different) are so important, and methods of breaking free from the painful past and why you cannot just, “let it go.” These workshops culminate in a final special event that honors and releases your pain, celebrates your hard work, and focuses on the brighter future you’re creating.

Limited Availability

Due to the intensive nature of the workshops and the effort involved in healing from emotional trauma, there are only six spots open for each Tears to Triumph trauma retreat, so you’ll want to make sure to check out the calendar and book your spot before your preferred dates are taken. As of now, this event is only running from June through August with limited dates in each.

Where You’ll Stay

While you’ll need to make your own travel arrangements, lodging and food are included in your weekend package. Our event is hosted in a renovated church that now functions as a love-filled private residence with six guest bedrooms. Lovingly referred to as The Abbey, this warm and inviting location is one that radiates peace and exudes the perfect ambiance for healing and self-reflection.

We ask that all guests arrive by 5pm on the Thursday of their chosen weekend and stay until Sunday morning. Even for attendees who live locally, spending the full weekend at the retreat location is essential, as it allows you to step away from the distractions of day-to-day life, fully embrace the healing process, and focus on what’s important – you!

What’s Included

Our weekend package includes the cost of food, lodging, and all of the materials needed for our program. These intensive programs also include small group time and coaching from Kelley, who uses her thirty years of clinical expertise and recovery experience to help guide you through the processes of healing.

There is pain and there is peace–

healing is the bridge that connects one to the other.

Kelley Gunter
Kelley Gunter

Pricing & FAQ’s

What Are the Dates of the Retreat?

The Tears to Triumph trauma retreat is offered on the following dates:

  • June 8-11, 2023 (full)
  • June 15-18, 2023 (full)
  • June 22-25, 2023 (full)
  • July 6-9, 2023 (full)
  • July 20-23, 2023 (full)
  • August 10-13, 2023 (full)
  • August 24-27, 2023 (full)

We ask that all guests arrive by 5 pm on the Thursday of their chosen weekend and stay until Sunday morning.

How Much Does a Trauma Recovery Retreat Cost?

The Tears to Triumph trauma retreat is priced at $1,399. This includes all meals during your stay, lodging, three days of workshops and all materials used during programs.

How Do I Register?

Click here to purchase your preferred retreat weekend. Space in each retreat is limited to six people. Register today!

What Food Will Be Available During My Healing Retreat Weekend?

Menus will vary by retreat, but our goal is to make sure everyone is happy and satisfied with their meals. While special meal accommodations may be available on a case-by-case basis, please let us know if you have any food allergies and we’ll work with you to meet your dietary needs. Meals will be buffet style and include a balance of comfort foods and healthier options, with enough variety for everyone. Snacks of the same variety will also be available throughout the day and evenings. Beverages will include water, milk, juice, coffee, and soda.

Are There Follow-Up Services Available After My Retreat?

Yes! In addition to running intensive trauma retreat programs, I also serve as a trauma-informed life coach and can be booked for additional one-on-one sessions. These sessions are available for an additional fee and are not included in the Tears to Triumph trauma retreat cost. You can read more about life coaching availability and offerings here.

What is a Spiritual Healing Retreat and How is it Involved in My Recovery?

Spiritual wellness may look different for everyone and at its core has to do with connecting to a purpose bigger than oneself. For me, my faith as a Christian and my relationship with God has been paramount to my healing. Though faith is incorporated into this wellness retreat, we welcome all backgrounds into this experience with open arms. Your journey is unique, and we want to make sure your time with us is as comfortable as it is transformative. 

They that sow in tears shall reap in joy. Psalm 126:5

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