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Her Royal Truth

In News by Kelley Gunter18 Comments

The Queen has returned from a long sabbatical. Do I have a story?  Indeed, I do. Don’t we all? After being in treatment for 3 years for the ongoing sexual …

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Beautiful Disaster

In News by Kelley Gunter3 Comments

It’s hard to get over a fear of the dark, when your monsters were real.  I’m a survivor. I was raped repeatedly for several years of my childhood. I speak …

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The Magic of Kindness

In News by Kelley Gunter10 Comments

You know it’s a stressful week when most of your texts to friends start with, “Girl, I need to be sequestered.” Typically, I’m an understanding person.  When another driver on …

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Your tears matter

In News by Kelley Gunter9 Comments

Your tears matter. I know for many years they seemed irrelevant. The world seemed oblivious to both your pain and your sorrow. People can be callous and cold sometimes, and …

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The Eye of the Storm….

In News by Kelley Gunter12 Comments

I’ve always loved the rain–the soft, soothing sound of the drops hitting the roof of my house provide a hypnotic rhythm that has always been the perfect reason to sleep …

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