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Kelley Gunter– Before and after                                       243 lb weight loss

If dieting isn’t the answer to permanent weight loss, what is?

I used food as comfort my entire life and let’s keep it real—I’m not perfect, sometimes, most times, in fact, food is still my first thought when I am stressed or upset. What can I grab? I want cake batter. Taco Bell sounds good. I’m making tator tot casserole, cookie dough will do the trick.

It isn’t just during the difficult times that my mind automatically goes to food. Celebrations are always a reason to have the yummiest foods as well. Holidays are the perfect time for me to just take off my leash, jump over the fence, and run wild with no restraints.  So how did I conquer those thoughts and learn to maintain my 243-pound weight loss for 18 years now? More on that  in a minute.

In 2002, I weighed 391 pounds.  My binge eating, my total reliance on food to soothe my soul, landed me on life-support following bariatric surgery, with the surgeon telling my parents that I most likely wouldn’t live through the night and they needed to “start making my plans.”

Life can be so damn difficult and hard.  People who haven’t been there just can’t understand.

I lost 243 pounds in 14 months.  I had all of the extra skin removed and I thought my life would be perfect.  It wasn’t. I couldn’t rely on food anymore and so I developed numerous cross addictions that eventually caused me to lose everything. My own self-destruction brought me to my knees.

Dr. Nina Savelle-Rocklin, Psy.D author,                            The Binge Cure

You see, losing weight didn’t fix my internal pain. Having a nice, fit body didn’t make my life perfect. All of those old issues were still there—fueling the crazy train I was driving. Until I began to address what was going on inside of me, I didn’t have any hope of making healthy choices with food, or anything else for that matter.

I went into treatment and it was then that my healing journey began.  I finally addressed the underlying emotional issues that caused me to use food as comfort in the first place—the sexual abuse I had endured during my childhood.  Once I began to work through those old wounds that had never been allowed to heal, I was finally able to find peace and happiness in my life.

Kelley Gunter, author                 You Have Such a Pretty Face

It was then that I wrote my book, You Have Such a Pretty Face, a Memoir of Trauma, Hope, and the Joy that Follows Survival. My hope in writing the book was that my story would help those who are trying to conquer their weight issues, but who think, like I once did, that it’s all about dieting, exercise, and depriving themselves. Spoiler alert: it isn’t.                      

I didn’t want another person to make the same mistakes I made. I wanted to inspire and provide hope to those who are still hurting like I once did. If I could learn to manage my relationship and emotions toward food and as a result, maintain my healthy weight, anyone could. I wanted to share that knowledge with people.

Along my journey, I was honored to be a guest and share my story on the LA Talk Radio program, The Dr. Nina Show. Because of that appearance, I met and became friends with the amazing host of that show, Dr. Nina. She’s a Psycholanalyst, Best selling-author, Radio Host, and coach. Another amazing thing about Dr. Nina—she GETS it. She’s been through her own struggle with food and conquered it. She knows how it feels to hurt and she’s amazing at helping others who are currently have such a pretty face book

We had many conversations regarding how many people are still in pain and are still struggling with food, their weight, and ultimately their happiness. I don’t think it’s any secret that our internal emotional     struggles have a direct effect on our relationship with food and ultimately our weight and our body image. Most of us can’t afford thousands of dollars for deep therapy to figure out what’s going on with us.  So, Dr. Nina and I decided to create a program that was both affordable and would have a powerful, long-lasting outcome on the lives of its members.

We wanted our program to not just be therapeutic, but also life-changing, meaningful, and fun! Finding our way to peace and joy shouldn’t be painful.  We are committed to helping all of the members of our program and offering many amazing things along the way.

Dr. Nina Savelle-Rocklin, PsyD

Our new project, The Binge Free Babes, is everything you need to learn to:

  • Better control your eating habits
  • Drastically improve self-care and self-worth
  • End your weight-related struggles
  • Stop stress/binge/emotional eating
  • Learn how to cope with fear & uncertainty
  • Better help deal with (or even eliminate) anxiety
  • Stop feeling so lonely all time (have people enjoy your presence)
  • Get over your frustrated feelings of helplessness
  • Heal trauma of the past
  • Stop feeling guilty after every bite you eat
  • Figure out why you’re feeling depressed
  • Be comfortable taking photos (and seeing photos of yourself)
  • Feel confident around family, friends, and coworkers
  • Develop new healthy eating habits
  • Raise your kids with a different mindset around food and body image
  • Stop the shame and the “food addiction”
  • Get sustainable and long-lasting motivation
  • Learn how to have better personal relationships
  • Prioritize yourself and your own well-being for once in your life
  • Deal with what’s eating at you
  • Have someone guiding you every step of the way
  • Eat only when hungry
  • Finally figure out and let go off the thing holding you back
  • Enjoy your life without giving food a second thought
  • Have the total freedom to think about other things in your life
  • Attain peace, joy, and… happiness

I know you can have the same success we have had and you can learn to stop worrying about food. Guess what?

The secret is that it’s not what you’re eating…it’s what’s eating AT you.

Check out our new program, The Binge Free Babes Project today! Click here for more info.

It just might change your life. You will be so glad you did.


Kelley and Dr. Nina


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  1. How much does this program cost? I firmly believe this program can help wity eating habits and help understand y I eat feeling I want out of this cycle. But I need to know how much it costs I’m a disabled veteran and just loss my job due to coronavirus! Please reach out to me thank you Julie white my phone number is 620-625-5283 thank you and I love you ladies

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