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The Eye of the Storm….

In News by Kelley Gunter12 Comments

I’ve always loved the rain–the soft, soothing sound of the drops hitting the roof of my house provide a hypnotic rhythm that has always been the perfect reason to sleep …

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And walk….

In News by Kelley Gunter20 Comments

A few weeks ago I was out of state, promoting the book, and one evening while I was in my hotel something blog-worthy happened.  That’s how my life works.  I’ll …

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This, too, shall pass

In News by Kelley Gunter16 Comments

I had one of those moments the other day.  You know the kind—the life changing kind.  I don’t know if it ever happens to you or not, but moments like …

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Try and Try Again

In News by Kelley Gunter2 Comments

ANNOUNCEMENT: Hi everyone! This is Sarah, a friend of Kelley’s, and I wanted to give you all a quick little update! Kelley recently had surgery (she’s totally healthy and good!), …