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Ramblings from the Homecoming Queen of Crazy Town

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Ramblings from the Homecoming Queen of Crazy Town…..

Hi everybody and thanks for subscribing to my blog.

This first post is a little long, and most won’t be this long… You will probably get 3-4 posts a week.  So strap in, sometimes the ride might get bumpy.  The exciting rides always do.

It’s been quite a difficult and sometimes painful journey getting my new memoir, You Have Such a Pretty Face completed and out into the market.  There were times I thought it would never really happen, but as usual, God opened every door I needed.  He always has.  Major shout out to God for that.  I love you, big guy.

Since this is my first blog post I wanted to write a disclaimer about what the blog is actually going to be about, what it will contain, and what you can expect.  If the title of my blog, “Ramblings from the Homecoming Queen of Crazy Town” doesn’t forewarn you, this blog is not for the weak of spirit or mind.  Those of you who have read You Have Such a Pretty Face, have already met the Homecoming Queen of Crazy Town.  Those of you who haven’t, get the book.  Meet her.  You will relate to her and like her.  She is my alter ego.

First and foremost, I should say that this is a WARNING…  any of my close friends will tell you that when you’re with me, expect the unexpected.  It has a way of happening each and every time.  As I really thought about what I want to include in this blog, I just thought I want it to be REAL. I want it to be loaded with TRUTH and EMOTION and all of the drama that is included within that realm.  I want it to scream happy and sometimes it will most likely cry in pain, but that is LIFE.

If you’re looking for a literary prize, this won’t be it.  This is going to be an uncensored look at life.  If curse words or anything sassy or colorful offends you, you might want to unsubscribe now.  When I say I am a Christian, it is the basis of who I am, but I’m no holy roller. I have a personal relationship with my God and savior and my belief is that he loves me in spite of all my imperfect ways. I try hard to live in a good way every day, but let’s face it, I’m human.  So, don’t expect some judgmental, holier-than-thou business here either.  That’s not who I am.

What I am is a person who has been very hurt, obliterated in fact, by people I loved deeply.  I guess, though, that I’ve done my share of hurting as well.  I think we all have, maybe we just don’t realize it at the time. I’m a survivor and I think the world is full of those – I see people every day, shell shocked by life, walking around numbly, trying to figure it all out.  I can be mouthier than I should be and I’m sometimes lacking that filter that stops other people from saying things they shouldn’t.  My Nonnie always told me that, “men don’t like boring women.”   One thing I’ve never been accused of is be boring, but I’m not sure if that’s a blessing or a curse.  I come from a long line of incredibly strong, wickedly funny women, who had no problem saying, “I can take you or leave you and I can definitely do it myself.”

I cry when someone I love hurts.  I’m a loyal friend.  I will fight any battle with a friend or for a friend. If you hurt someone I love, I will straight cuss you out and not feel bad about it.  That’s one of those circumstances where I apologize to God later, but it’s not a very good apology and it kind of goes like, “I’m sorry God, but they REALLY had it coming.”  I know I keep God shaking his head at me and I’m thankful he doesn’t give up on me.   I’m just not that person who is going to run out on a friend when life gets hard.  I don’t think the Bible says, “A friend loves in good times only.”  The Bible says, “A friend loves at all times.” That’s the kind of friend I am.  I might hate what you did, but if I love you, I’m still going to love you and stand by you.

My mom used to look at me and my BFF Lori when we were in high school and college and say, “The two of you !!!! YOU lie, and SHE swears to it !”  I always looked at my mom like, “duh…Isn’t that what friends do ?”  I’m going to have my friend’s back.  That’s the bottom line.  That may not have always been the smartest plan and definitely didn’t usually work out how we had hoped, but we were 19 years old and quite frankly, that’s how the Homecoming Queen rolled at the time.  She didn’t reign over “Always-Makes-the-Smart-Decisions-Town.”  I don’t even know where that town is, but I’m quite certain they don’t have any fun there.

The last year has been an incredibly difficult one for me and I lost a lot of things and people.  I lost a lot people I thought were my friends and it was devastating.  I loved them and I was good to them and I thought they loved me.  But, they didn’t.  Sometimes the truth hurts and to keep it 100% real, the truth smacked the living shit out of me in the last year.   My life has been riddled with mistakes, but I never betrayed a friend in need.  Even the Queen doesn’t do that.

Once the initial shock of it all wore off and after the pain started to subside, my friend Allie told me that I had in fact, lost nothing.  She said, “God took your trash out.”  So in this first of many posts, I want to impart to you that we lose many things in our lifetimes. We lose pounds, we lose homes, we lose loved ones, we lose friends, we lose money, we lose things we think are crucial that don’t even matter.  The shocking reality of it is that most things we lose we can’t control anyway.  But one thing we can control is losing ourselves and losing our self-respect. Bad things happen when we let that occur.

Each and every one of you reading this today deserves to be loved and to be treated with kindness and with gentle admiration and respect.  Many of you reading this may be with people who do not see all of the beauty that you bring to the table.  People may not understand you.  Damn them.  Be you anyway.  In YHSAPF I said in my letter to “the man of whom we do not speak” (that’s what I just chose to call him, lol) “You don’t have to love me. You don’t have to even like me. I got it covered.”

Today is the day.  Today is the day you claim the most important piece of real estate in the world….and that is the ground beneath your feet.

Reclaim your throne, baby.  The best is yet to come !


  1. I’m really looking forward to reading your book and your blogs. I pray I can change my life and inspire other women. At 45, it’s been a battle all my life. I’m tired of the fight.

    1. Author

      We are never too old to change our lives or to make our lives better. I believe in you and I will keep you in my prayers !!!1 You can make it !!!! It’s a hard journey, but it is one that is SO worth it. hang in there !!!

  2. You are a true inspiration! I appreciate every word I just read! I can’t wait to read more and watch your continued success in your journey!!!

  3. “Ramblings” and Alter Egos are nothing new in Crazytown my dear “Queen”. Those experiences, however crazy and bumpy they may have been have made you into the wonderfully strong, passionate, independent, fierce, and amazing woman that you are and have always been.
    While it hurts my heart knowing the pain of the journey that you’ve traveled, I’m bursting with pride knowing that you are exactly where you are supposed to be.
    I can not wait to read more of your thoughts, feelings, memories and experiences. It’s well past time to allow all the sparkle to shine for all the see!!
    Much love and support always!!!

  4. I read your book and now your blog your inspiration is out of this world .Love reading about this amazing lady she is fill with so much beauty inside and out. Hope to meet up with beautiful lady

  5. I love your in your face truths Kelley ? I look forward to more blogs from Her Highness Queen of Crazytown ?

    1. Author

      Casey….you are the best. You have touched me soul deeply and are the picture of courageousness and strength. Please know you are always in my heart and prayers and God will have the final say….i promise. xoxoxo

  6. Kelley! I could not be more proud of the lemonade you are making out of quite the batch of lemons you have encountered…can’t wait to read your book and would love to catch up soon! You are doing meaningful work here, my friend!❤️

    1. Author

      Thank you so much Janet. I will text you as I’m not sure if you have my new number or not. Would love to have dinner and catch up. Thank you for the kindness you have always shown me. xoxoxo

  7. First off I want to tell everyone to go and buy Kelley’s book! It is incredible and I’m not even finished with it yet! Every woman can relate to something in the book!
    Kelley you are an inspiration and I’m very happy that we connected through fb! Even though we have never met in person I know you are an amazing, strong and loving woman! When u found out last year I wasn’t going to be getting any Christmas gifts you sent me and Bella the most beautiful gifts! You didn’t really know me but you went out of your way to make sure I had something to open on Christmas Day! There are not a lot of people these days that would spend their hard earned money to buy someone they never met gifts! You are a very special individual and I’m extremely grateful to have become your friend! I hope we get to meet each other one day( maybe on your book tour) ! Love you to pieces and I wish you continued success in all your ventures !

    1. Author

      Dee you are the best. When I first began following you and Bella I knew there was something in your soul that I connected to. You, too, are strong and amazing and I love your strong refusal to allow other people to dictate how you think or feel. Keep being you because the world needs a whole lot more of you !!!!Love you my friend. xoxoxo

  8. I love your inspiration to everyone keep writing and inspiring my friend

  9. Kelly I am so proud of you, I have never underestimated your talent and beauty since you were a little girl, It saddens me you went through so much pain and such a struggle, I have ever saw you as anything but the beautiful human being you are inside and out. You can do anything you put your mind to. You are an inspiration to every woman out there. Thank you for having the courage to stand up and speak for those who don’t have the courage. Thank you for being yourself. I love you to the moon and back.

    1. Author

      Thank you. I think we don’t know the reason for the course of our journey while we are here, but I know that my path has always been one of trying to make a difference and trying to help people who are hurting to know that they are not alone and there is a way for all of us. Love you. xoxoxox

  10. Your such an amazing woman. I knew you were a beautiful person inside and out. “Sometimes it does take us time to realize and learn from them”. Truth. Your an inspiration to all. I’m so glad to have met you. xxoo

  11. Great comments, there are a lot of truths here. Sometimes it just takes us time to really learn them!

    I am only about 1/3 of the way through your book, it had me in tears last night! I cannot believe all that you have been through!

    1. Author

      I’m certainly not happy that you cried, but I am happy that my writing evoked an emotional response….isn’t that what it is all about ?

  12. We have never met, yet I feel as I know you . I feel I know your soul . I too have lived in crazy town and look forward to a few seasonal.campouts there with you ?
    Absolutely love the book.and the truth you write . Best wishes my friend I look forward to reading lots more !

    1. Author

      “A few seasonal campouts….” I LOVE that !!!! It makes me feel like I am doing something right that you feel that you know my soul. I have tried to bare it in my writing. xoxox

  13. I love your book and your blog. You don’t sugar coat anything. You’re so real and that is refreshing in a world that is so focused on appearances and saying the right things. Your story gives me the courage to step out and change my life and my health.

    1. Author

      Thank you that means so much to me. I’m trying very hard to keep it real….it’s not always easy…but I think the truth is what people appreciate.

  14. I love everything about you Kelley. You always go above and beyond to help those around you and I admire you for that. Please know you have such a special place in my heart and ALWAYS WILL! Everything you said above, was amazing. Life goes on. Rather you like it or don’t. Make the best out of it that you can.

    Love you lots mama Kelley❤️

    1. Author

      Thanks honey !!! You’ll find your way. Don’t worry. We all find our way and we all live and learn and that’s what makes us beautiful.xoxox

  15. I just love your honesty, it’s so refreshing. You have a way with words that makes it feel like you are right here talking to me. ♡

  16. Wow,,what an incredible story!! I think your friend was right,,,I mean look at the way you have bounced back & on this incredible journey,God has given you for taking out the trash!!! But that happens when we ”Please Our God!!” You are an amazing,awesomely Beautiful Person,,,follow your dreams!! I Love you,girl!!

  17. And WALK!!!!
    These words (as usual when I talk to you) were the PERFECT message I needed at the PERFECT moment. I did not use my words appropriately when communicating with a “certain someone” today and this blog message today reminded me that I also need to act and speak like the pretty ambassador that I am.
    Love you dollface!!

    1. Author

      I love you too honey. Please call me soon. I need an update…and we will always, and I mean ALWAYS know the power in the classic “and walk…” xoxoxo

  18. I don’t even know how to begin to say what Kelley was for me growing up! She was always who I aspired to be like! She still does inspire me! Love you Kelley

  19. I am so very proud of you! You are one of the most kind, caring and giving people I am blessed to call my friend. ❤️

    I am excited for you as you help others in their trials. Letting them know “Its ok. You can do it!” Because you have been there. Your empathy and Golden Soul can touch many!

    by the way…I love your sassiness!!!! ??. And i love you!

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