Hopeless to Happy Summit

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Hi everyone !!

This year has felt like something out of the Twilight Zone.

Do you feel the same?

The entire globe is going through a huge shift and transition and sometimes, due to lockdowns
and mandatory isolation, it feels lonely and like it will never end.

People are suffering at different levels and the lack of human connection takes its toll on the
mind and heart.

I’m here to say that I acknowledge you for where you are in your personal life situation and
that you are stronger than you know. How do I know this?

The fact that you are reading this says that you are resilient and are persevering through the
strangest year in modern history.

Maybe this year has been extremely difficult, or maybe it doesn’t even touch things you have
had to endure in the past. Whatever the case is for you, this is not the time to back down
from life and let it happen to you.

It is definitely time to be active in cultivating more love, light, and connection.

This is why I collaborated with Elizabeth Lock for a free online summit, Hopeless to Happy:
Using Ancient Wisdom to Release Trauma, Heal Your Emotions, and Find the Joy to Love
Your Life.

Elizabeth has brought together experts and thought leaders (I’m one of them!) to bring
messages of hope, encouragement, and empowerment.

Whether you are struggling with something from the past or present, there is surely something
you can take away from each speaker.

We have all volunteered our time to be the active leaders to cultivate that love, light, and
connection. In addition, each speaker has a special offer for the viewers.

If you want to feel more connected, joyful, and empowered within and in your life, I urge you
to sign up here.

September 1 is the launch date, so sign up now so you are ready for the big day. Come
experience people who genuinely care about you and your well-being.

See you soon,
Kelley Gunter

P.S. This is your time to heal, your time to release what’s holding you back from a liberated life.
Take this step because you know this is what you need. Join us here.


  1. I am looking forward to more of your wise words that come from having been there. You are truly a light in these troubled times!

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