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How I’ve Maintained My 243 lb Weight Loss

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I’m a weight loss surgery success story. Or am I?

As a motivational speaker and author of the touching memoir, You Have Such a Pretty Face, I speak to people around the world who are trying desperately to achieve their weight loss goals. They are excited to learn how I lost 243 pounds following weight loss surgery in 2002, and even more hopeful when they discover that I have maintained that loss for nineteen years.  See my before and after picture to the right.

The long-term maintenance of my massive weight loss is what patients and professionals both find astounding, because statistics show that most who have weight loss surgery will struggle with major regain.

What is my secret? How have I been able to achieve such amazing results? The answer isn’t pretty.

Yes, I lost 243 pounds in 14 months and within a few years, I had all of the extra skin removed. What I didn’t do, was heal the pain that caused me to use food as comfort in the first place. I was thin, but was I healthy? Sadly, no, and the result was devastating.

I developed numerous cross addictions that eventually destroyed my life. Surrounded in the aftermath of my own self-destruction, I entered treatment. It was then that I disclosed the secret catalyst for every painful decision of my life.

The trauma that resulted from being a survivor of childhood sexual abuse had sat in the control room of my soul, quietly dictating most of my life’s calamities. It had never been about what I was eating—it was about what was eating at me. Yes, I lost the weight, but I never lost what was drowning my soul. Once I was able to process and work through that trauma, I was finally healthy. I have not only made peace with food, but I have maintained my sobriety for five years.

               Dr. Nina Savelle-Rocklin

While promoting my book, I appeared on the highly-regarded talk radio show, The Dr. Nina Show, hosted by Dr. Nina Savelle-Rocklin. She is a psychoanalyst and author of two bestsellers, The Binge Cure and Food for Thought. We immediately connected and that connection eventually resulted in the creation of a powerful, life-changing program for women who have battled with emotional eating, binge-eating, and body issues: The Binge-Free Babes.

The Binge-Free Babes is an almost foolproof way for women to get to the root of their emotional needs, better control their eating habits, heal past wounds and trauma, improve self-care, and finally live a life full of freedom, joy, peace, and happiness. For the past year we have been helping women transform their lives. Robin Perkowsky, a weight loss surgery patient and current member of the Binge-Free Babes, credits her work in the group as a primary reason for the maintenance of her 125-pound weight loss. She wrote the following testimonial:

“This group is teaching me so much about why I have always used food to make myself feel better. I didn’t realize how many years of my life that my weight fluctuations were about the people in my life. So much has been eating at me my entire life and I am finally learning where it all started. One of the best parts to this group is that it is private and non-judgmental. You can share anything. Both professionals, Dr. Nina and Kelley Gunter, have a detailed answer to all of our questions. I feel safe sharing my life within this group…..It’s extremely therapeutic. BFB is a priceless group and I would recommend it to all.”


This group is for women who want to make a real, long-lasting change in their life by getting direct help, following proven action steps, and connecting with others for invaluable loving support.

                    Kelley Gunter

Are you considering weight loss surgery and want it to be a long-term success? Just like many of you, I sat through the required pre-surgery psychological assessment, nodding my head in agreement with the doctor telling me that losing weight wouldn’t fix all of my problems. I have a Master’s Degree in Clinical Counseling, but I still secretly believed weight loss was the answer for everything… and the results were devastating. The good news is that weight loss surgery can work long-term…if you do the emotional work.

The simple answer is, doing it halfway doesn’t work. It just doesn’t. Are you suffering with regain? You can still figure it out, make peace with food, and stop dieting. There’s a reason diets don’t work long-term. Imagine living a life you love without having to stress about food, or struggle with your body.

You can have that life, NOW.

Food is the band-aid. Let’s talk about the wound.

For more information about The Binge-Free Babes, watch our free webinar here: Binge-Free Babes.




  1. Thank you for posting i needed this today. I’ve gained back 15 pounds and really working on getting it back off.

  2. So interested in this. I’m a gastric bypass survivor and have gained back about 40 -60 lbs depending on which doctor you talk to.

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