Test new video blog…My Cute Dogs

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Hi everybody !!!!

I am getting ready to start my video blog series this week and wanted to send a test video of my babies first. Say hi to Miss Jingle Belle, Sir Rocket Pop and my beautiful Lilly-Putt .

Let me know if you receive this and if it works okay for you.

All the best…


  1. Worked great! I’m a little late to the party,but…better late than never,right!! You are absolutely gorgeous, Kelly!!!

  2. Oh my goodness!!! Three big old babies!!! I love the new flooring in the kitchen by the way!!!

  3. Loved that video!! All your babies are gorgeous!! Video played right away…sound was good and so was the picture! Can’t wait for more

  4. LOVE miss jingle Bells, Sir Rocket Pop, and Lilly-Putt. Your Christmas tree is beautiful ?

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