Your Tears Matter

Your tears matter.

I know for many years they seemed irrelevant. The world seemed oblivious to both your pain and your sorrow. People can be callous and cold sometimes, and those who are desperately hurting, can become invisible and feel forgotten. With 7.5 billion people in the world, it’s incredibly gut-wrenching to feel completely alone. I know how you feel. I’ve been there.

In the game of life, it certainly appears that you were dealt a horrific hand. Who would want to play your cards? Probably nobody. There have been many times that you were forced into folding, because surviving the hand was next to impossible. Life has exhausted you and in spite of all of your valiant efforts to appear strong, you simply just want to collapse somewhere and remain in seclusion, away from the cold, uncaring people of the world.

You’ve tried so hard to be good to people and you’ve bent over backwards trying to accommodate them and yet, they stick a knife in your back the first chance they get. No one appears to care how much of a struggle it is for you to just make it through the day without losing it. Still, you hold onto the hope that one day things will be easier and life won’t be so damn difficult. You’re thrilled for your friends when great blessings seem to constantly fall into their laps, but you can’t help but whisper to yourself, “when are my blessings ever going to arrive?”

You feel as though life has passed you by, and you never even caught a glimpse of it while it skated right on around you. Why were you forgotten? You’ve been a good person and still, your struggles continue to monopolize your entire existence. Is it really that impossible for someone to simply care about you and your well being? You certainly deserve to have been treated better. Why can’t the storm cloud that has been hovering over your life, finally blow past, so you can begin to heal and become your very best self?

None of us escape the realization that life isn’t easy, but it certainly shouldn’t be as difficult as it has been for you. At home at night, when it is quiet and alone, the thoughts begin to creep in your mind and you start to wonder, “Maybe I am worthless. Maybe everything people say about me is true. Maybe, just maybe, my damage is so severe it is irreparable.” Your biggest fear, though, is that you will never be loved the way you so desperately want to be loved.

Do not fall into that trap. You are courageous, strong and worthy, and you deserve to be treated with respect, kindness, and love. You have always possessed that courage and strength. Life, though, threw you several unexpected curve balls and you have been blindsided with pain and stress for a long time now. You’re exhausted. You’re tired. You question whether you have the fortitude or the strength to actually continue this battle.

What does the world want from you? How much more can one person possibly endure and maintain some level of sanity? Life has pummeled you with hardship after hardship, and yet, when the dust settles, you remain standing. Life has not defeated you. Life has not broken you. You have withstood every single attack up to this very moment. You have battled the world with courage and you have stood strong in who you are, even if you’re not always sure who that person is anymore.

Hear me when I say this, God has not turned a blind eye to your pain.

The winds of change are coming and the storm that has been hovering over you for what feels like an eternity, is getting ready to finally pass out of your life. The sun is going to shine again and your joy is waiting to be reunited with you. You just have to hang in there a little while longer. I know you’ve lost your faith in humanity and you have zero trust in anyone, especially yourself. Life will not always be this difficult, though, and your laughter is on its way back to you.

The reality is that there are some bad people in the world, but not all people are bad. There are people you haven’t even met yet, who are waiting to love you. There are lessons in the pain you’ve endured—do not miss them. Life will continue to give you the exam until you pass the test. Stay strong, don’t lose your faith, and trust that God will see you through this dark night of your soul.

Your tears are temporary and will cry themselves away eventually. You were created to be something spectacular. Never let other people talk you out of seeing yourself as you truly are– a champion. You are a child of God. The most powerful force in the universe breathed life into you. He is still on the throne and he didn’t make any mistakes when he created you. God doesn’t have bad days.

You are perfection. You are a spectacular human being. You are deserving, you are beautiful, you are forgiven, and you are loved.